I take ugly things and I make them pretty.

What I Do:
Art Direction
Identity & Branding
Product Graphics
Infographics & Data Visualization
Websites & User Experience/Interface (UX/UI)


Present: NOW, Cadillac Fairview eMagazine
Past: enRoute, Lou Lou, Adventura, Access, Strut

Projects You Should Check Out:

  • Toights
  • FitnessInfographics
  • Godiva
Toights is a panty hose company created by Alexander Joo Creative in 2012. From sourcing materials to designing packaging to calculating duties to marketing, I did it all, just to learn how international supply-chains work, and how to take a product from the back of napkin to the shelf of a store.
FitnessInfographics.com is a company based on information products. The point of this company is to infiltrate and learn the world of affiliate marketing, passive income and how to make shit go viral through social media (a cinch with infographics).
Godiva Duty Free Series was an incredible opportunity given to me by Godiva Chocolatier and helped me to win illustration awards (Applied Arts 2008; Applied Arts 2009). These boxes were placed in their respective duty free outlets around the world and also made Godiva hundreds of millions of dollars. (Also see the next series, Godiva 2010 USA Boxes)

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